Hardcore Beverages is an Australian company created to distribute a select premium product portfolio across the Australasian marketplace. Whilst Tapout Energy was initially created in the United States, the product has been reformulated to better suit the Aussie palate, however zero sugar and zero calories remains a universal benefit. The Tapout Hybrid will be launched into Australasia shortly and is a world first premium performance drink focusing on activating and hydrating the human cell, speeding recovery and increasing performance.

The Forgiven Alcohol Metabolizer is another world first, accelerating the body’s ability to metabolize alcohol and, as a direct result, reducing many symptoms of the dreaded hangover. Whilst always looking to expand our portfolio, we intend to keep our products strictly limited to premium, cutting edge brands.

As a direct result of our marketing strategies, Hardcore Beverages is set to become a major supporter of Australian sport and its athletes. From MMA, to motorsports including V8 Utes and FMX, Hardcore Beverages is committed to giving our homegrown Aussie athletes the support they need to achieve their dreams, from the grassroots up.

Zero Sugar Zero Calories, big call, especially when a 250ml can of Tapout Energy clearly indicates the product contains 1.95 kilojoules. Our resident Geeks report from the lab that the inherent energy within our unique formula actually off sets any energy gain as soon as the product is consumed. We knew there was a reason we paid them so much.

All products within the Hardcore Beverages portfolio have their very own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram profiles. Just click on the relevant icon on each product outline page for the latest news from the athletes, new product development, upcoming releases, competition information and events. Get up to speed, and do it the social way.

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We’ve got plenty of competitions coming too; scan the QR code on your Hardcore Beverages product to be taken directly to the competitions page where you have the chance to win “money can’t buy” prizes like V8 Ute hot laps or MMA VIP



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